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Health Benefits of SaunasHealth Benefits of Saunas


Saunas are sanctuaries for well-being across the globe, honoring ancient traditions and embracing innovation. From a sauna built in a ski gondola high above the Finnish mountains to an Andean sauna made of eucalyptus leaves and an Indian sweat lodge carved into the rock, these hot rooms are as stunning as they are soothing—and many offer a wealth of health benefits, from pain relief to improved sleep and more. See here

The deep heat of a sauna causes your skin to perspire, which in turn raises your core temperature and heart rate. But medical research shows that when you cool down in the sauna, your blood vessels relax and dilate and your heart rate sinks back to normal. Over time, this can lower your risk of a heart attack and improve your heart health. And for people who have vascular disease, regular sauna bathing can reduce symptoms and improve exercise tolerance.

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A sauna can also relieve musculoskeletal pain by relaxing tight muscles. A study of rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis found that sauna use led to less pain, stiffness, and fatigue over four weeks. An older study found that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis experienced greater improvement in their condition after using a sauna than controls did.

While most sauna studies have used traditional Finnish saunas, there is growing interest in infrared saunas, which use light instead of steam to increase body temperature. Some early studies have shown that these saunas can lead to similar cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits as traditional ones, but we need more data before we know if they are as effective in treating other conditions.

Brain Tap Review – How Does it Work?Brain Tap Review – How Does it Work?

The premise behind brain tap review is to help people achieve the same deep state of relaxation and mental clarity achieved by meditation, without years of disciplined practice. The device uses sound and light therapy to stimulate a variety of different brainwave frequencies. It is designed to entrain the brain into Theta waves, which are associated with deep meditation and relaxation.

The device works by using a combination of sounds, soothing tones and pulsing lights to produce a brainwave-entrainment effect called binaural beats. These are produced when two slightly different tones, separated by a few Hertz, are played in each ear. The brain perceives the difference in frequency and mimics it, creating a phantom tone that results in a profound sense of calm.

Analyzing Brain Tap Reviews: What to Know

Unlike most meditation programs, which focus on producing Alpha waves only, BrainTap also stimulates other brainwave patterns, including Theta and delta. These other wave frequencies are associated with sleep, muscle relaxation and cognitive function. The unique brainwave-entrainment algorithms combine the effects of these different frequencies into one experience, allowing users to achieve a more holistic state of well being.

Another key feature is the headset’s auriculotherapy technology, which stimulates trigger points in your ears known as meridians. These are similar to the pressure points that are activated when you apply acupuncture needles, but do not require any conscious effort on your part. Once your headset is loaded with a session and placed on your head, you shut yourself out from external stressors and allow the technology to work its magic. The sound and light sessions are immersive, incorporating soothing tones and soft pulses of light that help to stimulate both the left and right hemisphere of your brain.