Day: March 9, 2024

Factors That Affect the Resin Flooring Cost in the UKFactors That Affect the Resin Flooring Cost in the UK

Many factors can influence the price of a resin floor. These include:

The type of resin floor you require – this can range from a simple floor coating to complex systems that offer specific colouration or other functions such as anti-static or anti-slip properties. The specifics of your requirements may also affect the cost such as if your floor needs to be resistant to abrasion, heat, oil or chemical spillage. Some systems are also more labour intensive than others such as 2 or 3 component systems and these can impact the overall project time and cost.Source :

Comparing Resin Flooring Costs Across the UK: What to Expect

If the existing substrate needs remedial work before the resin floor is installed then this can significantly increase the costs as it will take a lot of time to prepare and clean the area. It can be a very laborious process, especially in a large industrial space.

The size of the flooring space is another factor that can affect the costs as it will generally be costed on a per square metre basis. A bigger flooring space can be more expensive in total but may end up cheaper when broken down per metre due to increased efficiencies and economies of scale during the installation process.